Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Gods Awaken

Troll Gods Issue 1 is finished, bookmarked, and uploaded. It's presently available in both high-quality for home printing (8.01mb) and web (1.10mb) versions.

Special thanks for this issue goes to SleepDepJoel who provided the cover art, magazine logo, some of the interior art and several of the submissions.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How to Contribute

Now with handy flowchart!

Submission Guidelines

You write it, we’ll host/publish it.

  1. Soft limit of two-pages of content per article. One page preferred. Larger articles will be considered on their own merits. High preference will be given to the interesting and useful. Monsters/encounters/random generators/tables/etc is given preference over editorial matter or setting fluff.
  2. Proof-read your shit. Use spell-check. I’ll give things a once-over to catch anything that stands out, but I’m doing this as a volunteer. I’ll send it back for revisions if I have to spend more than 10 minutes or so making sense of it.
  3. Choose your own accompanying images. Keep in mind, everything will be produced for black and white. I can desaturate an image myself, but it’s usually better if it was designed to be black and white. For image source, there are two options: 
    1. Public domain. Link us where you found it. 
    2. Get written permission from someone to use their image, and provide a means for us to verify that permission. If we can’t, it gets held until the image is replaced or the person responds.
  4. Share the text and links over Googledocs or email to
  5. For our ease of use, loose text (google doc, word or text file) is preferred, along with an imgur link or an attached image in an email. Embedding your image with the text makes it harder to extract and use in the ‘zine.
  6. By nature, most of this stuff will be for D&D-style OSR games. If you’re writing for something else (Boot Hill, Gamma World, etc) make sure to tell us what it’s for.
  7. If you want credit, add a byline. Your name (or pseudonym) as you want it displayed, along with a link to your site/blog/twitter/whatever.
  8. Submission window is the first two weeks of each month. You can submit after that, but I can’t guarantee it’ll get included. Pieces that don’t make it by the deadline will be published with the next month’s issue, provided all other criteria are met.
  9. Publication date will be the first of each month. If we have under 10 pages to print that month, it'll roll over to the next issue.